Vibroacoustic Osteoreparation


Bone is a composite material consisting of two different components – collagen and mineral substance. Bone is changeable, it is a living matter of our body. Bone grows under the condition that there is a regular application of load onto a bone, when there is no load a bone resorbs. Bone is changing its form and mass.

This phenomenon has been proved by the results of many years' experience and is implemented in the Osteoreparation room of the Rehabilitation Center for  patients with orthopedic, osteological and arthlogical pathologies. 

Under the effect of long-term pressure due to reversible (elastic) deformation under patient’s own weight, both the kinetic and potential energies of bone tissue molecules are increasing, that is the mechanical energy turns into molecular energy; in other words, it turns into the body’s internal energy. 

If the First Thermodynamics Law is applied, we can determine the temperature change in the joint and regulate the bone tissue growth. 


Changes in the self-regulation chain of the bone tissue electric field play a prominent role. The electric field affects the bone tissue growth in such a way, that new collagen fibers come into existence, which later on accrete with mineral crystals. 

A bone has piezoelectric properties, therefore the bone deformation is attended by initiation of electric field, which in its turn is “fitting-out” the bone tissue. 

Piezoeffect can be understood as generation of electric polarization on account of certain crystals deformation. Piezoeffect also involves piezomagnetism, that is, magnetization of a crystal on account of deformation ( strain).

For instance, in case of a coxofemoral joint (thigh joint) dysplasia when a child is in a training “simulator” the electric polarization (magnetoelectric effect) is generated at vertical loading (it means: the load acting onto a bone is directed downward). 

The specialists of our Rehabilitation Center have obtained good results in shaping of anatomically correct joint surfaces by simulating local growth of bone tissue when a long-term patient is placed in a special vertical training simulator in the Osteoreparation Room.  

Application of a strictly time-balanced static axial load makes it possible to intensify the osteoreparation processes.  e.g., in case the depth of an acetabulum (cotyloid cavity) is insufficient or it is undermatured (underdevelopment of its top edge), if there is a skewness of the joint cap or any other deformation of the coxofemoral or other joints.

The co-acting of osteoblasts and osteoclasts  provides the continuous development and rearrangement of bones. 

A training simulator should be chosen correctly in accord to the age and the height of a child and it is also very important that the adjustment of a simulator should be carried out strictly on certain axials in sagittal and frontal planes. All this makes it possible for us to   initiate the bone tissue growth to a maximum effect. 


виброакустическая остеорепарация-3

Relying  on the research carried out by Russian scientists, such as academician  G.A. Ilizarov, S.S. Tkachenko,  V.V. Rutskiy, the Fund

research engineers have developed a unique approach that permits  to expedite the growth of tubular bones at the average to 2-3 mm for a period of one course of daily exercises.

This approach makes it possible for us to fight effectively against asymmetry of the  right/left part of the body that initiates the backbone scoliosis. 

When used together with a special device that generates a synchronized acoustic and colour wave, this approach is applicable for improving functional capabilities of internal organs and systems.