Remedial Gymnastics

Static Remedial Exercises 


Taking into account the individual peculiarities  of a patient’s organism, we offer to children a complex of static exercises as a play therapy. The main distinguishing quality when carrying out these exercises consists in their reasoned spatial (positional) 

статическая лечебная физкультура

sense of direction as well as in exercising time:  until the specific physiological reactions are obtained. 

Exercises are chosen individually for each child, which makes it possible to improve physiological and biomedical processes for the better. These exercises improve  both on the viscera functional capabilities ( local intensifying of blood circulation in these organs and rise of body temperature) and on the bone tissue growth in great and medium joints. 

The efficiency of exercises depends on many preliminary accountable parameters. Exercises are carried out not in according to a timetable, but until  certain physiological responses  emerge.

Exercising can be held either for a group of children or can be conducted individually with only one person. 


Together with their parents children are learning how to carry out static exercises correctly so as to be able to practice them further on at home.




динамическая лечебная физкультура



Dynamic Remedial Exercises


While practicing the dynamic remedial exercises our patients learn the correct motor habits and movement patterns. 

Dynamic remedial exercises are aimed to the following:

-Relaxation of pathological muscle supertension ;

- strengthening muscular corset for the children with a weak musculature;

- vestibular mechanism training;

- rehabilitation of  human space disorientation.