Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation of Patients with Infantile Cerebral Palsy and Central and Peripheral Nervous Systems Damage

“In rehabilitation practice we must deal with an accomplished fact: the birth of a viable child. So we are confronted with the problem of restoring the functions that have been disturbed in this child.”
- V.A. Kachesov ,PhD.  researcher at the N.V. Sklifosovsky Institute.


медицинская реабилитация пациентов с ДЦП-этапы1   

     1. Because more than 500 causes of cerebral palsy have been identified,

         it is necessary to carry out a detailed investigation using up-to-date diagnostic

          methods to identify the problems, their locations and their root causes in each individual patient.           

медицинская реабилитация пациентов с ДЦП-этапы2

      2. One must then develop an individual plan of rehabilitation exercises based on these findings.

медицинская реабилитация пациентов с ДЦП-этапы3       

     3. It is necessary to restore anatomically correct weight bearing surfaces of large and

         medium-sized joints, by using orthopedic devices and special exercise equipment.

медицинская реабилитация пациентов с ДЦП-этапы4

     4. Advanced correction of functional systems: reflexotherapy, massage,

         remedial exercisesphysical therapy, balneotherapy, manual exposure, raytterapiya,

         Bobath concept, fixation of results in the CNS.

медицинская реабилитация пациентов с ДЦП-этапы5

     5. Every kind of stimulation of the organism’s abilities to compensate for the consequences

         of the damage: Tomatisterapy, audio therapy, aromatherapy, color-therapy, reflexotherapy.

медицинская реабилитация пациентов с ДЦП-этапы6

      6. Social and pedagogic rehabilitation.