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Dear visitors to our site, thank you for visiting this page.

We are glad that you are not indifferent to the problems of our patients. We are confident that together we will be able to return the children the opportunity to get closer to health to their peers and their parents look forward with confidence.

We hope that you share our goals and are ready to take part in the delivery of a truly effective charity.

From our side we guarantee that all donations received by us will be used to fund the implementation of activities for prevention and health promotion, improving the physical and social rehabilitation and adaptation of critically ill and sickly children.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported our fund to conduct free medical rehabilitation for disabled children!

Details of the account in euros for the rehabilitation section S Charitable Fund program:

Regional Charity Foundation «Rehabilitation of the Child. Center of G. N. Romanov»

Address Federation, Saint-Peterburg, Gleba Uspenskogo street, 7, Liter BD

Beneficiary account number: 407 03 978 503 000 431 947

Beneficiary Bank’s name: Branch “Severnaya stolisa” of ZAO Raiffeisenbank in the city of St.Petersburg

Beneficiary Bank’s address: Moika embankment 36, 191186 St-Petersburg, The Russian Federation


These details are provided for the transfer of charitable donations by non-residents of the Russian Federation. When transferring the funds, please indicate in the payment "a charitable donation", as well as the country from which the transfer is made


To carry out a charitable donation in the following way:

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